For as long as I can remember, I’ve had opportunities I didn’t understand. I felt uncomfortable with those opportunities, thinking I hadn’t earned them. I stressed about the reactions others would have when they found out I’d been selected for the team, for the special research project or for the promotion.

I didn’t see my talents and capabilities. I felt sure they weren’t anything special – couldn’t be – when I felt so inadequate. I couldn’t see my own possibilities.

If you’re here visiting this page, perhaps you can relate. Maybe you have questioned other people’s faith in you. Perhaps you can’t see why you’re a valuable leader or business owner or mum or friend or human being!

It’s hard to plan a future when we have such a complex and mostly negative view of  who we are and what we can offer. Our perception of current reality gets in the way of us seeing the possibilities for ourselves.

My journey since discovering the Imposter Syndrome has been to create a new possible future. To do that, I’ve had to recognise where my life and business were at the time and to project in my mind to a default future. Where would I wind up if I allowed where I am now to dictate what my future would look like; if I allowed it to become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Along the way to a very different future, I’ve identified and deconstructed the barriers to enable me to help others have a much smoother ride.

If you feel you get in your own way. If you don’t like the future you will have if you do nothing to address the limitations you place on yourself. If you can’t see the future you have the possibility of achieving because you are unable to see over or around those barriers, perhaps dealing with the Imposter syndrome is a great investment of your time and energy.

Please let me know if I can help. You’re far too valuable to play small!

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