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Has your career or business dream become reality? Did you really stretch and delightfully surprise yourself with what you achieved? Or did your outcomes fall below your expectations?

What did you achieve? What didn’t happen? Were there opportunities you allowed slip through your fingers? Did you under-value yourself in terms of pricing or salary? Were there times you could have positioned yourself to stand out but didn’t?

How do you feel about that? Frustrated? Ashamed? Angry? Do you blame others?

And what price did you pay for not recognising or living up to your potential?

Now ask yourself, Do I want more of the same next year? If not, it’s time to shift the game.

In order to do that, we need to pay attention to who we really are and how we’re showing up when we lead our businesses, our organisations, our teams. We need to look at self-leadership or ‘leading from within’.

In my experience, self-leadership is the toughest leadership gig of them all.

Often we are pulled in different directions, with our logical and strategic brain consciously telling us what we need to do to have the career or business we aspire to while our old patterns and habits covertly undermine our efforts. For 70% of people, one of those old patterns could be the Imposter Syndrome which convinces talented people like you that you aren’t good enough. How crazy is that!

Understanding the blueprint for your particular mindset and aligning it with a future that excites and inspires you is a key focus of the coaching programme “From Sabotage to Success”.

Change the game with “From Sabotage to Success”

It’s not for the fainthearted. It is both a challenging and uplifting programme that creates a safe environment and brings you face-to-face with what stands in your way. I then help you identify the cause and a practical strategy to move beyond its limitations.

Why work with me?

Having experienced the Imposter Syndrome for more than 20 years, I know personally that we can have the best plans and still not manage to bring them to fruition. I also know from experience that we can change that pattern to enjoy the career and business we aspire to.

Along with my practical experience of the imposter syndrome and moving past it’s significant and negative impact on my career, I bring expertise in human behaviour, branding and business acumen which helps you understand your business environment and to effectively position yourself to achieve the career or business you dream of.


Here’s what you can achieve in the ‘From Sabotage to Success’ coaching programme … if you do the work

‣ Identify where you are now in your business or career.
‣ Discover your career or business Purpose and identify your Vision for 2017
‣ Identify the bridges that promote your success and barriers that stand in the way of it.
‣ Understand the Imposter Syndrome as a limiting mindset and why you experience it
‣ Recognise and accept your own strengths, capabilities and successes as a foundation for growth
‣ Learn to use your emotions as a source of information about your unconscious filters
‣ Build trust in yourself, your capability and your value
‣ Recognise what triggers an experience of the imposter syndrome. Track the triggers back to a cause which can then be addressed
‣ Decode the 7 fear-based behaviours we engage in to prevent discovery as an ‘imposter’ and develop a strategy to move beyond them
‣ Identify the price you pay for feeling you’re not good enough – in your career and in your life.
‣ Increase resilience, core strength, self-awareness, empathy, self-compassion, curiosity and behavioural flexibility to change the way you show up and the outcomes you achieve
‣ Take on tools to help shift your mindset, emotions and behaviours, channeling them more effectively to achieve success in 2017.


Introductory One-Hour Coaching Offer:

If you want to explore moving beyond the imposter syndrome further, you may wish to try out coaching with me with a one-hour session online at an introductory price. We can explore further how the syndrome shows up for you and how you can start moving beyond it. Prior to the session, I will send you some pre-work to start you thinking about what you’d like to achieve in the session.

This offer is for people who are ready to commit to taking their journey further NOW. Introductory offer $110. You have 24 hours from the date of the Free Webinar to book yourself into a one-hour telephone or Skype call with me at the time of your choosing.

One-on-One Coaching

To move faster through the process and to unpack very specific and potentially unique work situations you may want to consider one-on-one coaching. In addition to the benefits listed below under Logistics, you will have individual attention to gain a deeper understanding of your perspective, its impact, have tailored strategies to move beyond the syndrome and the support to make significant progress towards achieving your business or career Vision.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for coaching me.  I wouldn’t have had the courage – or even the thought really – to have the  discussion with my boss about really stepping up as a manager if it weren’t for you and the work we’ve done together over the last 6 months. I’m now managing 3 teams and I realise I’m in new territory now –  you’re the best compass around! Ellen, Senior Manager, TAL

“Most coaches get you to focus on achieving a specific goal – usually a smaller manageable goal. Working with Suzanne flipped my thinking completely and opened up my world so I could go for a BHAG that takes my breath away. I feel its enormity and I know I can achieve it.”  Helen, Senior Executive, WESTPAC

INVESTMENT: Normal Price: $2000 + GST. Introductory Offer $1,200 + GST ($1,320) available until 5 pm. Friday 17th March

Group Coaching

The alternative is to be part of a like-minded group who have at least a foundation of similar challenges in their own business or leadership position and can benefit from hearing other peoples’ experiences. This group coaching will run for 1 hour every two weeks for a period of 3 months.

INVESTMENT: Normal Price: $600 + GST. Introductory Offer $400 + GST available until 5 pm.Friday 17th March.

Logistics for Group Coaching:

Here’s what you’ll get by attending the programme:
‣ 6 x 1 hour sessions online, recorded and posted in a dedicated Dropbox folder in case you miss one.
‣ Pre-work to start you thinking.
‣Fortnightly Workbook posted in the dropbox folder 2 days ahead.
‣ Copy of “Liberate Leadership. How the Imposter Syndrome undermines leadership capability and what to do about it” available on Amazon Kindle or pdf
‣ 1 hour of Email or phone access to Suzanne Mercier to talk through a particular situation
‣ Access to the closed group “Purpose to Possibility” on Facebook where members can support each other to recognise the value they bring and the contribution they are uniquely placed to make.


Wednesday evenings 7 pm. to 8 pm. AEDT.

Tentative start date Wednesday 22nd February. And then every fortnight at the same time.

For more information, please contact us.


What Our Client Say

  • “Suzanne… what can I say… your presentation on Thursday morning was fabulous!! It was funny, insightful, personal… just awesome. Clearly you’ve found your thing! ”

    Jen Dalitz, Speaker, Consultant, Author
  • “It is rare to hear a speaker who seemed so completely unafraid of being real. And still wonderfully entertaining. My big take out – the cost of not being true to yourself, not just for you personally, but for the organisation you are part of and the people around you. No more ‘wallflower’ occasions for me.”

    Kate McCallum, Financial Adviser
  • “I was one of the few men at the womens networking breakfast yesterday – I thought your presentation was outstanding – very honest and impactful. Authentic leadership is central to much of the work I do and I commend you on your personal leadership.”

    Saul Brown, 2b consulting
  • “Love the imposter syndrome. I can see so much of myself. Love to be part of the research.”

    Grant Murphy, Cover-More Travel Insurance
  • “Very practical strategies and insights into how to make a real difference. Loved it!”

    Hughes, General Manager, Conference & Events, ASFA
  • “Suzanne, great insights. I have taken away that it is important to value myself a bit more within my organisation.”

    Mark Powl, Cuna Mutual
  • “Everything you said rang true to me. I am always thinking that I am not good enough. Now I feel I have some tools to go away and stop the imposter syndrome.”

    Sandra McDonald, Skilling & Quality Co-ordinator, Asteron
  • “Really helped me recognise where some of my issues lie and I have first steps to think about. Thank you!”

    Amanda Stewart, Asterton
  • “Very interesting. I could relate to feeling like an imposter and will now look at overcoming this.”

    Karen Peake, Sales Support Team Leader, Cover-More Travel Insurance
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