Uncover your hidden talents and create the future you want when you break free of the imposter syndrome

Do you find yourself holding back? Do you feel that you’re not good enough? Do you think your talents and capabilities are nothing special? Perhaps you dream of what you could do when you’re ready. Perhaps you beat yourself up because you’re not perfect … not a perfect mother, not a perfect partner, not a perfect employee.  Or possibly you feel that there’s so much more to you than the world is seeing right now.  Soon though … any day I’ll show them.

What’s stopping you?

It could be that you’re experiencing the feeling of not being good enough. When that self-doubt is persistent, it’s called the Imposter Syndrome. You can become focussed on what’s not perfect about you instead of recognising and embracing who you are together with the valuable contribution you could make if you saw yourself clearly.

Find out if you Let yourself Shine or get in your own way? Check out these questions to find out!



I know you have limited free time. After you take the questionnaire, ask  yourself whether attending this free webinar could be the best gift you could give yourself and your family. The way you show up will impact how your children approach life.


What you can expect from ‘Let Yourself Shine’?

  • Identify how you may be holding yourself back
  • Understand why its challenging for us to see and reach our own possibilities.
  • Learn where the feeling of not being good enough (also known as the Imposter Syndrome) comes from.
  • See how you cope with that feeling when it comes up 
  • Question the value of those coping behaviours.
  • Identify the consequences and cost to you as well as others around you when you feel you’re not good enough and do what you can to stop others from finding out.
  • If you’re a parent, understand the difference moving beyond these limitations will make to your family!
  • Learn what will genuinely  support you to move beyond the Imposter Syndrome


Read what our past participants in our workshops have said

“This workshop was exactly what I needed – I will keep the handout on my desk and try to remind myself of the tools every day.”  Tracey, Director, Financial Advisory Service

“Thank you for the exceptional leadership programme.Your research and strategies were enlightening and I would highly recommend your programme to anyone who has ever wanted to remove the barriers to their leadership capability.” Megan, Senior Manager, OneSteel Reinforcing (part of Arrium Mining)

“This masterclass gave me an insight into why I make decisions and how I deal with information provided to me. I will go away with much to think about.” Eleanor , Principal and Senior Adviser, Financial Advisory Service




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