I’m Suzanne Mercier and I’ve been experiencing the Imposter Syndrome for most of my adult life – perhaps longer. About 8 years ago, I learned that the feeling of not being good enough had a name. The Imposter Syndrome explained some of the career decisions I’d made and the challenges I’d experienced on the job.

I’d been engaged in my personal journey for more than 20 years, so I applied that knowledge and experience to unpacking the Imposter Syndrome. I deconstructed the experience of feeling ‘not good enough’ to understand why I felt that way when others seemed to be so confident. I wanted to know what sets it off and how I responded when I experienced feeling like a fake and fraud.

Then I added up what experiencing the syndrome had cost me. A steep price!

I love that saying “We teach most what we need to learn” and with that in mind, I started to run small workshops, gradually expanding my understanding of how the syndrome played out for people. I developed what I call “Principles and Tools of Shift” which brought together the strategies I’d used for myself and with others to create a different experience of ourselves and our value in the world, which changed the way people showed up.

For the past 8 years, I’ve been offering my understanding and proven strategies to businesses keen to increase engagement and performance of their people, and to individuals who recognised the opportunity to live up to their own potential by addressing their self-imposed limitations.

Now it’s an idea whose time has come because in those 8 years, the Imposter Syndrome has become a more acceptable subject to bring into the light, to share, to examine and … hopefully … to resolve.

Why me?

Aside from my journey and the practical experience of moving beyond the Imposter Syndrome, I bring years of marketing, advertising and business experience. What that means is that I can contextualise the Imposter Syndrome into a work situation and help people unpack it for themselves, recognise their true worth, and make the contribution they are uniquely capable of making. I can then help them identify and create the future career or business they want.

I am incredibly fortunate to work in such a rewarding area.




What Our Client Say

  • “Suzanne… what can I say… your presentation on Thursday morning was fabulous!! It was funny, insightful, personal… just awesome. Clearly you’ve found your thing! ”

    Jen Dalitz, Speaker, Consultant, Author
  • “It is rare to hear a speaker who seemed so completely unafraid of being real. And still wonderfully entertaining. My big take out – the cost of not being true to yourself, not just for you personally, but for the organisation you are part of and the people around you. No more ‘wallflower’ occasions for me.”

    Kate McCallum, Financial Adviser
  • “I was one of the few men at the womens networking breakfast yesterday – I thought your presentation was outstanding – very honest and impactful. Authentic leadership is central to much of the work I do and I commend you on your personal leadership.”

    Saul Brown, 2b consulting
  • “Love the imposter syndrome. I can see so much of myself. Love to be part of the research.”

    Grant Murphy, Cover-More Travel Insurance
  • “Very practical strategies and insights into how to make a real difference. Loved it!”

    Hughes, General Manager, Conference & Events, ASFA
  • “Suzanne, great insights. I have taken away that it is important to value myself a bit more within my organisation.”

    Mark Powl, Cuna Mutual
  • “Everything you said rang true to me. I am always thinking that I am not good enough. Now I feel I have some tools to go away and stop the imposter syndrome.”

    Sandra McDonald, Skilling & Quality Co-ordinator, Asteron
  • “Really helped me recognise where some of my issues lie and I have first steps to think about. Thank you!”

    Amanda Stewart, Asterton
  • “Very interesting. I could relate to feeling like an imposter and will now look at overcoming this.”

    Karen Peake, Sales Support Team Leader, Cover-More Travel Insurance
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